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Browse our shop for a selection of books you can purchase on-line for collection, local delivery or by post.
For direct-to-door delivery, please order through Bookshop.org

Local Authors

New Fiction

  • You like it darker


    You like it darker

    King writes to feel ‘the exhilaration of leaving ordinary day-to-day life behind’, and in ‘You Like it Darker’, readers will feel that exhilaration too, again and again.

  • The blue maiden


    The blue maiden

    It’s 1825, four generations after Berggrund Island’s women stood accused of witchcraft under the eye of their priest, now long dead. In his place is Pastor Silas, a widower with two wild young daughters, Beata and Ulrika. The sisters are outcasts: imaginative, oppositional, increasingly obsessed with the lore and legend of the island’s dark past and their absent mother, whom their father refuses to speak of. As the girls come of age, and the strictures of the community shift but never wane, their rebellions twist and sharpen. Ever capable Ulrika shoulders the burden of keeping house, while Bea, alone with unsettling visions and impulses, hungers for companionship and attention. When an enigmatic outsider arrives at their door, his presence threatens their family bond and unearths – piece by piece – a buried history to shocking ends.

  • Table for two


    Table for two

    Millions of Amor Towles fans are in for a treat as he shares some of his shorter fiction: six stories based in New York City and a novella set in Golden Age Hollywood. The New York stories, most of which take place around the year 2000, consider the fateful consequences that can spring from brief encounters and the delicate mechanics of compromise that operate at the heart of modern marriages. Written with his signature wit, humor, and sophistication, ‘Table for Two’ is another glittering addition to Towles’s canon of stylish and transporting fiction.

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  • August blue


    August blue

    ‘If she was my double and I was hers, was it true that she was knowing, I was unknowing, she was sane, I was crazy, she was wise, I was foolish? That summer, the air was electric between us as we transmitted our feelings to each other across three countries.’ Elsa M. Anderson is a classical piano virtuoso. In a flea market in Athens, she watches an enigmatic woman buy two mechanical dancing horses. Is it possible that the woman who is so enchanted with the horses is her living double? Is she also looking for reasons to live? Chasing their doubles across Europe, the two women grapple with their conceptions of the world and each other, culminating in a final encounter in a fateful summer rainstorm. A vivid portrait of a long-held identity coming apart, ‘August Blue’ expands our understanding of the ways in which we seek to find ourselves in others and create ourselves anew.

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  • Moon road


    Moon road

    Kathleen and Yannick have not spoken for nineteen years, not since what happened with their daughter. Now, there’s unexpected news from the other side of the country, and the call for a road trip they can only make together. As they rattle over two thousand miles in a pick-up, through forests, over mountains and into service stations, an alluring history reveals itself: of fierce love, complicated ex-wives and headstrong children, and of a unique bond that never really went away. As they drive, argue, gossip and reminisce, an unexpected future for this once estranged couple begins to emerge. ‘Moon Road’ captures the wonder and grief of watching our children grow up; of recovering from long buried pain, and rediscovering those closest to us when we think we know all there is to know; and of learning to live and love in a completely new way.

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  • The ministry of time


    The ministry of time

    In the near future, a disaffected civil servant is offered a job in a new government ministry gathering ‘expats’ from across history to test the limits of time-travel. Her role is to work as a ‘bridge’: living with, assisting and monitoring the expat known as ‘1847’ – Commander Graham Gore. As far as history is concerned, Commander Gore died on Sir John Franklin’s doomed expedition to the Arctic, so he’s a little disoriented to find himself alive and surrounded by outlandish concepts such as ‘washing machine’, ‘Spotify’ and ‘the collapse of the British Empire’. With an appetite for discovery and a seven-a-day cigarette habit, he soon adjusts; and during a long, sultry summer he and his bridge move from awkwardness to genuine friendship, to something more. But as the true shape of the project that brought them together begins to emerge, they are forced to confront their past choices and imagined futures.


New Non-Fiction

  • The invisible doctrine


    The invisible doctrine

    We live under an ideology that preys on every aspect of our lives: our education and our jobs; our healthcare and our leisure; our relationships and our mental wellbeing; even the planet we inhabit – the very air we breathe. So pervasive has it become that, for most people, it has no name. It seems unavoidable, like a natural law. But trace it back to its roots, and we discover that it is neither inevitable nor immutable. It was conceived, propagated, and then concealed by the powerful few. It is time to bring it into the light – and, in doing so, to find an alternative worth fighting for. Neoliberalism. Do you know what it is?

  • Wild air


    Wild air

    Longlisted for the 2023 Highland Book Prize

    ‘Joyful and mindful, a powerful argument for being still and listening’ Sunday Times

    A book about birds, birdsong and the countryside they inhabit, from the critically acclaimed author of Raptor.

  • SAS



    The authorised illustrated history of the SAS by the number one bestselling author of Dunkirk, Joshua Levine. With never-before-seen photographs and unheard stories, this is the SAS’s wartime history in vivid and astonishing detail.

  • The little book of folklore


    The little book of folklore

    From the famous Arthurian legends to monsters and faeries, The Little Book of Folklore explores the magical and mystical tales that have shaped the British Isles. Filled with stories of iconic characters like Robin Hood and Merlin, as well as lesser-known tales of giants and witches, this book is a beginner’s guide to this world of myth and wonder.

  • Be a birder


    Be a birder

    Journey along with Hamza as he recounts stories of his birdwatching adventures and shares tips and tricks in this beautifully illustrated guide for beginning birders. With practical advice and personal anecdotes, you will learn how to get started in birdwatching and hone your identification skills to become an experienced twitcher. Whether you need a companion on your next expedition or simply wish to dip in and out as you learn more, ‘Be a Birder’ is fit for every purpose, and encourages us all to discover the joy of birdwatching.

  • Somebody told me


    Somebody told me

    Have you been keeping your eye on your grandma lately? You sure she’s not spending too much time on YouTube? Is she talking fondly of dictators? When was the moment the world began to believe anything? Danny Wallace has fallen down the modern rabbit hole of lies, conspiracies and disinformation. Along the way, he encounters families torn apart by accusations and fake news, journalists putting themselves on the frontline of the disinformation war, reformed conspiracy theorists, influencers who see profit in stoking paranoia, and the shadowy nameless, faceless trolls on the other side of our screens. He discovers how disinformation and well-told lies can ruin a year or a whole life, how they can affect our family, our street, our community. How they can spread across a country, a continent, even the world. And Danny asks: can you do anything to stop it – even with the truth on your side?

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