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Browse our shop for a selection of books you can purchase on-line for collection, local delivery or by post.
For direct-to-door delivery, please order through Bookshop.org

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New Fiction

  • You are here


    You are here

    Marnie is stuck. Stuck working alone in her London flat, stuck battling the long afternoons and a life that increasingly feels like it’s passing her by. Michael is coming undone. Reeling from his wife’s departure, increasingly reclusive, taking himself on long, solitary walks across the moors and fells. When a persistent mutual friend and some very English weather conspire to bring them together, Marnie and Michael suddenly find themselves alone on the most epic of walks and on the precipice of a new friendship. But can it survive the journey?

  • The Glutton


    The Glutton

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  • The other valley


    The other valley

    Sixteen-year-old Odile Ozanne is an awkward, quiet girl, but everyone knows she’s destined to land a coveted seat on the Conseil. In her apprenticeship, she competes to become one of the judges to decide who amongst the town’s residents may travel across the border. If she earns the position, she’ll decree who may be escorted deep into the woods, who may cross the border’s barbed wire fence, who may make the arduous trek over the western mountain range – or perhaps the eastern range – to descend into the next valley over. It’s the same valley, the same town. However, to the east, the town is twenty years ahead in time. To the west, it’s twenty years behind. The towns repeat in an endless sequence across the wilderness. The only border crossings permitted by the Conseil are mourning tours: furtive viewings of the dead in towns where the dead are still alive.

  • Earth



    It’s the tabloid sensation of the year: two well-known footballers standing in the dock, charged with sexual assault, a series of vile text messages pointing towards their guilt. As the trial unfolds, Evan Keogh reflects on the events that have led him to this moment. Since leaving his island home, his life has been a lie on many levels. He’s a talented footballer who wanted to be an artist. A gay man in a sport that rejects diversity. A defendant whose knowledge of what took place on that fateful night threatens more than just his freedom or career. The jury will deliver a verdict but, before they do, Evan must judge for himself whether the man he has become is the man he wanted to be.

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  • Goodbye Birdie Greenwing


    Goodbye Birdie Greenwing

    Birdie Greenwing has been at a loose end ever since her beloved twin sister and husband passed away eight years ago. Too proud and stubborn to admit she is lonely, Birdie’s world has shrunk. Jane Brown hoped moving to Brighton would be a new start, away from her overbearing mother. While she finds it hard to stand up for herself, her daughter Frankie has no problem telling people what she does and doesn’t want. Ada Kowalski thought training to become an oncologist in England would be a dream come true. In reality, she is isolated, exhausted, the professional detachment she has had to develop now threatens to take over her life. When a series of incidents brings their lives crashing together, these three unlikely allies find that there’s always more to a person than meets the eye. ‘Goodbye Birdie Greenwing’ celebrates female relationships in all their forms.

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  • The night in question


    The night in question

    Florence Butterfield has lived an extraordinary life full of travel, passion and adventure. But, at eighty-seven, she suspects there are no more surprises to come her way. Then, one midsummer’s night, something terrible happens – so strange and unexpected that Florrie is suspicious. Was this really an accident, or is she living alongside a would-be murderer? The only clue is a magenta envelope, discarded earlier that day. And Florrie – cheerfully independent but often overlooked – is the only person determined to uncover the truth. As she does, Florrie finds herself looking back on her own life – and a long-buried secret, traced in faded scars across her knuckles, becomes ever harder to ignore.


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