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Browse our shop for a selection of books you can purchase on-line for collection, local delivery or by post.
For direct-to-door delivery, please order through Bookshop.org

Local Authors

New Fiction

  • The year of the hare


    The year of the hare

    A journalist and a photographer set out on an assignment, but as they drive along they hit a hare. The hare then adopts the journalist, and together the two scamper through farcical adventures and political scandal.

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  • Now is not the time to panic


    Now is not the time to panic

    Sixteen-year-old Frankie Budge – aspiring writer, indifferent student, offbeat loner – is determined to make it through yet another sad summer in Coalfield, Tennessee, when she meets Zeke, a talented artist who is as lonely and awkward as she is. As romantic and creative sparks begin to fly, Frankie and Zeke make an unsigned poster that becomes unforgettable to anyone who sees it. Copies of their work are everywhere in town, and rumours start to fly about who might be behind the ubiquitous posters: Satanists? Kidnappers? Soon, the mystery has dangerous repercussions that spread further afield, and the art that brought Frankie and Zeke together now threatens to tear them apart.

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  • Suddenly



    A young couple sets out on a journey by yacht around Cape Horn, but the adventure of a lifetime soon becomes a fight for survival. When they are stranded on a freezing, desolate island in the South Atlantic Ocean, they find themselves having to rely on each other as never before. Will their relationship survive until help arrives – and will they?

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  • Yule Island


    Yule Island

    An art expert joins a detective to investigate a horrific murder on a Swedish island, leading them to a mystery rooted in Viking rites and Scandinavia’s deepest, darkest winter. The Queen of French Noir returns with a chilling, utterly captivating historical thriller, based on a true story.

  • One last stop


    One last stop

    The special hardcover collector’s edition of Casey McQuiston’s beloved New York Times-bestselling novel, featuring sprayed edges, illustrated endpapers, and a special bonus chapter!

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  • Central places


    Central places

    Audrey Zhou left Hickory Grove, the tiny central Illinois town where she grew up, as soon as high school ended, and she never looked back. She moved to New York City and became the person she always wanted to be, complete with a high-paying, high-pressure job and a seemingly faultless fiancé. But if she and Manhattan-bred Ben are to build a life together, in the dream home his parents will surely pay for, Audrey can no longer hide him, or the person she’s become, from those she left behind.But returning to Hickory Grove is complicated. Over the course of one disastrous week, Audrey’s proximity to her family and to Kyle, her unrequited high school crush, forces her to confront the past and reexamine her fraught connection to her roots before she undoes everything she’s worked toward and everything she’s imagined for herself. But is that life really the one she wants?


New Non-Fiction

  • The age of resilience


    The age of resilience

    ‘The Age of Resilience’ is a wide-ranging look at the political, economic and cultural effects of the global shift from an economy based on efficiency to one based on resilience. Humans have long believed we could force the natural world to adapt to us; only now are we beginning to face the fact that it is we who will have to adapt to survive and thrive in an unpredictable natural world. A massive transformation of our economy (and with it the way we live our lives) has already begun. Jeremy Rifkin describes this great transformation and its profound effect on the way we think about the meaning of our existence, our economy, and how we govern ourselves as the earth rewilds around us.

  • A housefly buzzes in the key of F


    A housefly buzzes in the key of F

    During its lifetime, a cow can produce nearly 200,000 glasses of milk. Which is extraordinary, because where is it getting all those glasses? The natural world is an amazing, compelling and funny place: a place where fact is always more staggering – and often funnier – than fiction. Based on BBC Radio 4’s popular science and comedy series Nature Table, and with an introduction from the show’s presenter, Sue Perkins, this book is filled with fascinating facts, big jokes, fun games and entertaining anecdotes.

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  • Watching wildlife


    Watching wildlife

    To watch wildlife, it’s essential not only to learn an animal’s ways, the times and places you may find it, but also to look inward: to station yourself, focus, and wait. The experience depends on your stillness, silence, and full attention, watching and listening with minimal movement and if possible staying downwind so that your presence is not sensed. With decades of close observation of wild animals and birds, Jim Crumley has found himself up close and personal with many of our most elusive creatures, studying their movements, noting details, and offering intimate insights into their extraordinary lives. Here, he draws us into his magical world, showing how we can learn to watch wildlife well, and what doing so can mean for our ability to care for it, and care for ourselves.

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  • Is it ever just sex?


    Is it ever just sex?

    ‘It was just sex.’ It’s a familiar claim. But is it really possible? The old idea that sexuality is a smouldering, animalistic force within us, desperate for release yet restrained by social forces, has little to support it. Bodies aren’t just sticks that make fire when you rub them together, and the pain, heartache, and regret that can accompany the highs of sexual excitement show us that much more is at stake. So, what are we really thinking about when we think about sex? And what are we really doing when we do it? As psychoanalyst Darian Leader argues, with his trademark clarity, energy and wit, there is no such thing as ‘just sex’. It is always about so much more than that – about phantasy, anxiety, guilt, revenge, violence, love – and Leader draws on his analytic experience, historical research and case studies to explore their importance to every aspect of our sexual lives.

  • A Book of Your Own


    A Book of Your Own

    Drawing on the author’s decades of experience as a psychologist, trainer and advocate for women, this small but perfectly formed, pocket-sized book contains bite-sized snippets of insight and inspiration on communication, relationships, work, body image, overwhelm, emotional trials and more. 

  • The Wisdom of Sheep


    The Wisdom of Sheep

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