Buitrago, Jairo

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  • Afterward, Everything was Different


    Afterward, Everything was Different

    STARRED Reviews in Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, Booklist, Shelf AwarenessA Best Book of the Year?Kirkus, The Times of LondonThis “beautifully illustrated, nearly wordless book” (New York Times) set in the dawn of human life imagines how art and storytelling were born from the power of one young girl’s observation.Once upon a time, during the Pleistocene, somewhere between two-and-a-half million and ten thousand years ago, small groups of people traveled their known world, hunting for food, seeking shelter, and slowly becoming more like the people we are today.As far back as 40,000 years ago (and maybe even earlier) people began drawing pictures on cave walls. And a bit later, they carved images onto stones. Some pictures are of humans, usually drawn as stick figures, but most are of animals. We don’t know their purpose, though in some cases, evidence seems to suggest they were used for storytelling. But when we look at these pictur

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