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  • The inequality of wealth


    The inequality of wealth

    Liam Byrne warns that we’re fast approaching a point of no return beyond which we bequeath to Generation Z a dystopian future of irreversible rifts between the super-rich and the rest that erodes the internal bonds of once united countries and triggers the failure or the fracturing of nations. Yet it doesn’t need to be like this. Change is now happening so fast that we’re seeing the stuff of science fiction become a reality. The future won’t be a land of milk and honey but it could be a place where we live longer, happier, healthier, and wealthier lives. But only if we master new ways of sharing wealth without war or revolution. Liam Byrne draws on conversations and debates with former prime ministers, presidents, policymakers and experts around the world to argue that it’s time for solutions that aren’t just radical but plausible and achievable as well.

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