Carroll, Emily

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  • A guest in the house


    A guest in the house

    Abby is settling into married life: making coffee, cooking for David and her stepdaughter Crystal, spending evenings curled up together in front of the TV. For a quiet woman without many friends, she’s proud of the life she has built, and desperately wants to believe they will all be happy. But what really happened to Crystal’s mother, the artist who no-one speaks of? What secrets does their strange house by the water harbour, and what of Abby’s old dreams and fears, of Lady Grey, the Knight and the Dragons?

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  • When I arrived at the castle


    When I arrived at the castle

    Was it revulsion I felt? Perhaps some sort of sick fascination? No, not that. But something compelled me to follow. Rain-drenched and chilled to the bone, she arrives at the Countess’ castle. Like many before her – none of whom have returned – she’s determined to snuff out the horrors within. But could she ever be prepared for what hides within its turrets; what unfurls under its fluttering flags.

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