Marshall, Tim

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  • Prisoners of Geography


    Prisoners of Geography

    Spread over ten chapters, using maps, essays and occasionally the personal experiences of the widely travelled author, ‘Prisoners of Geography’ looks at the past, present and future to offer an essential guide to geopolitics, one of the major determining factors in world history. This edition has been updated to reflect current events of 2016.

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  • The Power of Geography


    The Power of Geography

    Tim Marshall’s ‘Prisoners of Geography’ showed how every nation’s choices are limited by mountains, rivers, seas, and concrete. Since then, the geography hasn’t changed, but the world has. In this revelatory new book, Marshall takes us into ten regions that are set to shape global politics and power. Find out why the Earth’s atmosphere is the world’s next battleground; why the fight for the Pacific is just beginning; and why Europe’s next refugee crisis is closer than it thinks. In ten chapters covering Australia, The Sahel, Greece, Turkey, the UK, Iran, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Spain and Space, delivered with Marshall’s trademark wit and insight, this is a lucid and gripping exploration of the power of geography to shape humanity’s past, present, and future.

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