Morus, Iwan Rhys

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  • How the Victorians Took Us to the Moon


    How the Victorians Took Us to the Moon

    The Victorians invented the idea of the future – it was an undiscovered country, ripe for exploration and colonisation. To get us to the future, the Victorians created a new way of ordering and transforming nature, built on grand designs and the mass-mobilisation of the resources of Empire – and revolutionised science in the process. Iwan Rhys Morus tells the story of how the future was made. From Charles Babbage’s dream of mechanising mathematics to Isambard Kingdom Burnel’s tunnel beneath the Thames, from George Cayley’s fantasies of powered flight to Nikola Tesla’s visions of an electrical world, it is a story of towering personalities, clashing ambitions, furious rivalries and conflicting cultures – a rich tapestry of remarkable lives that transformed the world beyond recognition and ultimately took us to the moon.

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