Petr, Horácek

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  • Blue Penguin


    Blue Penguin

    ‘I feel just like a penguin,’ says Blue Penguin. ‘But you’re not like us’, said the other penguins and they left him all alone. Poor Blue Penguin. Will he be able to convince the other penguins he is one of them after all?

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  • Puffin Peter


    Puffin Peter

    Peter and Paul are the best of friends, but when Peter gets lost in a terrible storm he can’t find Paul anywhere. With the help of a big blue whale, Peter sets off to find him. They find all kinds of birds that match Peter’s description but none of them are quite like Paul.

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  • Silly Suzy Goose


    Silly Suzy Goose

    Suzy Goose is fed up with being just like the rest of the flock. She wants to be different – to flap like a bat, squawk like a toucan, slide like a penguin, jump like a kangaroo, and swim like a seal. But when she tries to roar like a lion she gets more than she bargained for.

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