In ordinary circumstances, we are proud to host or support book fairs, book launches and other author events.

In 2019 we supported the BBC History Magazine Weekend in Winchester’s Guildhall and the Lewes Speaker’s Festival.


Local authors:

Here is a sample of some recent book launches we have supported for our talented local authors:

Margaret Sturton

A Fox Called Herbert

As read by Stephen Fry for Save the Children. Now in stock: signed copies with extra goodies exclusive to P&G Wells.

Meet Herbert: the rabbit who knows he was born to be a fox. When his mummy isn’t looking, he puts on pointy fox ears, makes himself a bushy tail, and asks his sister to paint him orange, just like a fox. But Mummy doesn’t understand: why can’t he just be a good rabbit? A Fox Called Herbert is a true celebration of being ourselves and supporting our loved ones. 

Let this joyful tale inspire you to be who you are and follow your dreams. 

Dr Angharad Rudkin and Ruth Fitzgerald

Find Your Girl Squad: Making and Keeping Friends who love you for YOU

The essential guide to navigating friendships, coping with feeling left out, handling bullies and embracing your true weird and wonderful self.   

Roger Morgan-Grenville

Liquid Gold: Bees and the Pursuit of Midlife Honey

‘A light-hearted account of midlife, a yearning for adventure, the plight of bees, the quest for “liquid gold” and, above all, friendship.’ Sunday Telegraph.

After a chance meeting in the pub, Roger Morgan-Grenville and his friend Duncan decide to take up beekeeping. Their enthusiasm matched only by their ignorance, they are pitched into an arcane world of unexpected challenges. Coping with many setbacks along the way, they manage to create a colony of beehives, finishing two years later with more honey than anyone knows what to do with.

Susmita Bhattacharya

Table Manners : And Other Stories

A parrot takes on the voice of a dead husband. Two women in search of god and marriage learn what it means to love. A man living in exile writes home. From Mumbai to Venice, Cardiff to Singapore, this collection of stories of love and loneliness in the urban landscape are delicately nuanced and sprinkled generously with sharp observations of the human condition. A captivating first collection which introduces us to a powerful new voice.

Claire Fuller

Bitter Orange

‘A compulsive page-turner. Fuller creates an atmosphere of simmering menace with all the assurance of a latter-day Daphne du Maurier’ The Times.

Frances Jellico is dying. A man who calls himself the vicar visits, hoping to extract a deathbed confession.

Vanessa Harbour


Austria 1945. After losing his family, Jakob shelters with Spanish Riding School groom Herr Engel at a remote country stables where they are hiding the precious Lipizzaner stallions the Nazis wants to steal. When a German officer comes looking for Jakob and finds the horses, Jakob and his guardian know they must get the stallions to safety, but the only way is straight through enemy territory.

Joined by Kizzy, an orphan Roma girl, the three must guide the horses across the perilous Austrian mountains. Will they reach safety, and what will be waiting for them on the other side?

Claire Gradidge

The Unexpected Return of Josephine Fox

Winner of the Richard & Judy Search for a Bestseller Competition 

A deliciously dark golden age mystery of wartime family secrets and lies set in Romsey in 1941. 

Judith Heneghan


Longlisted for the Not the Booker Prize 2019

Kiev 1992. Rachel, a troubled young English mother, joins her journalist husband on his first foreign posting in the city. Terrified of the apartment’s balcony, she develops obsessive rituals to keep their baby safe. Home is uncertain, betrayal is everywhere, but in the end there are many ways to be a mother.  

Richard Holledge

Voices of the Mayflower

This is the story of a handful of religious fanatics, brave souls, crooks and cowards who sailed from Europe to New England 400 years ago – some in pursuit of religious freedom but most adventurers in the quest for riches. There are stories of idealism and sacrifice but this is not a warm saga of ‘pilgrims’ living in saintly perfection; some are guilty of greed, duplicity and even murder.