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  • Everything is predictable


    Everything is predictable

    Thomas Bayes was an eighteenth-century Presbyterian minister and amateur mathematician whose obscure life belied the profound impact of his work. Like most research into probability at the time, his theorem was mainly seen as relevant to games of chance, like dice and cards. But its implications soon became clear, affecting fields as diverse as medicine, law and artificial intelligence. Bayes’ theorem helps explain why highly accurate screening tests can lead to false positives, causing unnecessary anxiety for patients. A failure to account for it in court has put innocent people in jail. But its influence goes far beyond practical applications. Fusing biography, razor-sharp science communication and intellectual history, ‘Everything Is Predictable’ is a captivating tour of Bayes’ theorem and its impact on modern life.

  • Foolproof



    Winner of British Psychological Society Best Book Prize (Popular Science) 2023

    Nature’s Top 10 Books of 2023

    A Financial Times Book of the Year 2023

    ?A Waterstones Book of the Year for Politics 2023

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  • Mathematical functions


    Mathematical functions

    What is a mathematical function? Why are they so important? How does plotting the graph of a function help us understand it? And where do gradients, differentials and calculus fit in? In this unique little book, packed with equations and their graphs, mathematics teacher Oliver Linton reveals the secrets of polynomial functions, polar functions, inverse functions, complex functions, vector functions and many more. Lines will never look the same again!

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  • Once upon a prime


    Once upon a prime

    ‘A hugely entertaining and well-written tour of the links between math and literature. Hart’s lightness of touch and passion for both subjects make this book a delight to read. Bookworms and number-lovers alike will discover much they didn’t know about the creative interplay between stories, structure and sums.’ – Alex Bellos