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  • Silver Samovar


    Silver Samovar

    Poetry Collection

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  • The Unexpected Return of Josephine Fox


    The Unexpected Return of Josephine Fox

    April 1941, Romsey, England. Josephine ‘Jo’ Fox hasn’t set foot in Romsey in over 20 years. As an illegitimate child, her family found her an embarrassment. Now, she wants to return to what was once her home and uncover the secret of her parentage. Who was her father and why would her mother never talk about him? Jo arrives the day after the Luftwaffe have bombed the town. The local pub, The Cricketers’ Arms, has been completely destroyed and rescue teams are searching for the remains of the seven people known to have been in the pub at the time the bomb hit. They are shocked to uncover eight bodies, not seven. The eighth, unidentified, body is that of a teenage girl, who no one in the town claims to know. Who is she, how did she get there – and who killed her? Teaming up with local coroner and old friend, Bram Nash, Jo sets out to establish the identity of the girl and solve the riddle of her death.