Oxford Primary Illustrated Thesaurus

This new colourful thesaurus is for children aged 7+ to discover different words for writing. It contains thousands of synonyms, panels of alternatives for overused words like ‘nice’, writing tips and related word webs, navigation tips, examples from favourite books and a supplement of extra vocabulary.


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This is a brand new thesaurus crammed with features to get children aged 7+ finding a wide range of different words, boosting their vocabulary range, and writing creatively. With thousands of synonyms, a mixture of illustrations and photographs, help with alphabetic navigation for tricky letters (like ph- and f-), Overused panels providing alternatives for words like 'nice', 'good' and 'bad', and Writing Tip panels giving context and synonyms and antonyms, it willhelp children discover lots of exciting new words easily and power their writing. The look and feel of every spread is clear and easy to use. Examples taken from well-known children's books and a supplement of creative writing help and word building inspiration makes improving vocabulary fun. This thesaurus is part of a set of Oxford Primary Illustrated reference titles which include a companion dictionary, a maths dictionary, science dictionary and computing dictionary. Looking for great word activities to match this dictionary? Find fun downloadable activities, puzzles, and word games at www.oxforddictionaries.com/schools

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