Roswell Johnson saves the world!

Eleven-year-old Roswell Johnson is obsessed with conspiracies about extra-terrestrial life, an interest he inherited from his late father. When Roswell is accidentally abducted by aliens, his biggest dream comes true – he learns that aliens are real! But when he discovers Earth is in grave danger, he must join forces with a team of quirky extra-terrestrials, including two bickering Grays, a humourless Cyborg, a germophobic Mantis, an overly confident Furgarian, and an over achieving Pleiadean to save his planet from a tyrannical invasion.


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The bestselling author of The Land of Stories and A Tale of Magic returns with a funny, heartfelt, action-packed adventure to save the world! Perfect for fans of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Eleven-year-old Roswell Johnson is obsessed with space and life beyond our planet. So, when he's accidentally
abducted in a spaceship, it feels like his biggest dream has come true - aliens are real!

With the sinister General Xelic and his evil army of Reptoids planning to attack Earth, Roswell must team up with a quirky group of other-worldly beings: a Mantis with a fear of germs, a Cyborg programmed to take everything literally, a telepathic Pleiadean, two bickering Grays, and an overly confident Fungarian.

Can Roswell and his eccentric gang of alien adventurers save Earth from invasion?

Or is life as we know it doomed?

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