From Harry Ree, teacher turned saboteur, to Margery Booth, the spy who sang for Hitler, to Scotch Lass, Britain’s smallest ever agent – discover 27 of the most courageous and daring spies in this beautiful collection. For as long as there have been secrets to keep, there have been spies, the world over, trying to uncover this classified information. These stories unpick some of the most astonishing missions undertaken during World War Two – actions that helped to save many lives. Amazingly, many of these tales had to remain a deadly secret at the time and are little known even to this day. This gripping anthology will intrigue, enchant and inspire.


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Discover the exciting and dangerous lives of spies and secret agents from Blue Peter Award-winning David Long and rising star Terri Po.

A single spy can save thousands of lives.

Spies and secret agents have been hard at work for centuries, risking their lives, and sometimes changing the course of history. Discover twenty-seven of the most courageous and daring, including Britain's first female spy, a teacher turned saboteur, the spy who sang for Hitler and the man who never was . . .

An unputdownable collection of real life adventures, stunningly illustrated by Terri Po.

'Absorbingly detailed and compulsively readable, it's a must for spy addicts.' Guardian
'Will hook readers of all ages.' Just Imagine
'A beautiful book.' Armadillo Magazine
'I couldn't put it down.' Addie, aged 10, NG Kids
'A stunning collection.' Mini Travellers

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