A Wild Child’s Guide to Endangered Animals

Millie Marotta has always loved the natural world. But in her lifetime much has changed for the animal kingdom. Today we are losing species more quickly than we are discovering new ones. And while we know the plight of the mighty elephant or the charismatic chimpanzee, what of other vanishing species whose stories are not so often told? Mysterious baby dragons of the underworld, the dodo’s long-lost cousin, gargantuan lobsters and incredible shrinking reindeer – they too need our help and our attention. With each animal exquisitely illustrated in full colour by Millie, alongside the story of their uniqueness, this is a wonderful and surprising gift, offering the chance to fall more in love with the natural world, and think about how to help save it.


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'Ideal for wild children - beautifully illustrated, with great information, maps and data ... it's top bedtime reading' Chris Packham

What do the ingenious sea otter, the incredible shrinking reindeer, the tree-dwelling baby dragon or the Dodo's long-lost cousin have in common?

They are all at risk of disappearing from our world forever. This book is all about the amazing creatures that are now endangered around the globe, from oceans and forests to mountains and snow. Filled with beautiful beasts, glorious illustrations, facts and tales, it will make you fall in love with the animal kingdom - and maybe even try to save it.

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