Jamie McFlair Vs The Boyband Generator

Luke Franks and Sean Thorne


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Four best friends, two boybands, and an evil uncle with a monstrous secret - what could possibly go wrong? KID NORMAL meets BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT in this hilarious new series for 8+ readers. This story begins with a snoring pug, a forgetful grandma, and the hero of this adventure in a really bad mood. There is also a goose on the loose.

We just wanted to warn you. Jamie McFlair's favourite band got a slot performing on the country's biggest talent show, but it went wrong thanks to Barry Bigtime (in an 'incident' involving a chocolate milkshake and worn underpants - don't ask). Barry is a music big shot, all round nasty man...and Jamie's Uncle.

The next day, he launches his own massive new band and Jamie smells a rat. With the help of three trusty best friends - popular Daisy, no-nonsense Jenners, and timid Mel - Jamie vows to uncover Barry's dastardly plan. But Jamie doesn't know about BARRY'S SECRET.

A secret that is TERRIBLE and SHOCKING and VERY STRANGE. There's something hidden in Barry's basement - a machine that is the key to his musical success. But what happens when the boyband generator goes wrong? We'll give you a clue: it is NOT GOOD and THE ENTIRE WORLD is at risk.

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Franks, Luke, Thorne, Sean