You Are Enough: Embrace Your Flaws and Be Happy Being You

Cheryl Rickman


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Have you ever experienced imposter syndrome? Do you often find yourself seeking approval from others? Is beating yourself up getting you down? Then this book can help you. You Are Enough is a book about freeing ourselves from the “shackles of should” which come from multiple sources in our society. It’s a guide to cultivating an attitude of “enoughness”, by providing practical advice to turn self-criticism into self-compassion and finding a balance between self-improvement and self-acceptance. With thought-provoking advice, a step-by-step action plan and a simple method to challenge your inner critic, You Are Enough will help you embrace your flaws and celebrate your unique awesomeness. Let go of the myth of perfection, finally stop comparing yourself to others, and learn how to be happy with all that you are. With sections on:
Expectations and Evaluations ● Good Enough: The Importance of Balance ● Self

Cheryl Rickman is a Sunday Times bestselling author and ghostwriter of 23 self-help, well-being and business
books. She is a qualified Positive Psychology Practitioner who specializes in writing empowering, practical books
to help people fret less and flourish more. Cheryl also runs well-being retreats and delivers workshops on
acceptance, balance and compassion – The ABC of Flourishing™ – in the UK.

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Rickman, Cheryl D.


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