New Girl in Little Cove – Published May 27th (pre-order)

Damhnait Monaghan

Published 27th May 2021


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Set in Newfoundland and Labrador, this debut rom-com from Hampshire author Damhnait (pronounced Down-ithis as much a love story between a woman and a place as between people. When a new teacher arrives in a tiny fishing village, she realizes the most important lessons are the ones she learns outside the classroom. 

The Globe and Mail describes it as "a warm hug of a book"Anne says: “A perfect escapist read. 

It’s 1985. Rachel O’Brien arrives in Little Cove seeking a fresh start after her father dies and her relationship ends. As a new teacher at the local Catholic high school, Rachel chafes against the small community, where everyone seems to know her business. The anonymous notes that keep appearing on her car, telling her to go home, don’t make her feel welcome either.

Still, Rachel is quickly drawn into the island’s distinctive music and culture, as well as the lives of her students and fellow teacher, Doug Bishop. As Rachel begins to bond with her students, her feelings for Doug also begin to grow. Rachel tries to ignore her emotions because Doug is in a long-distance relationship with his high school sweetheart. Or is he?

Eventually, Rachel’s beliefs clash with church and community, and she makes a decision that throws her career into jeopardy. In trying to help a student, has she gone too far? Only the intervention of the ‘Holy Dusters,’ local women who hook rugs and clean the church, can salvage Rachel’s job as well as her chance at a future with Doug.

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Monaghan, Damhnait






27 May 21


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