Grow to eat

How to grow delicious vegetables in any garden or allotment.


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'Every vegetable needs different skills and Rob guides you through a great spectrum of possibilities. His advice is super comprehensive, and of particular use to beginners.' - Charles Dowding

'What a great book for those new to growing their own vegetables and there are still things to be learnt for us seasoned growers. There are a vast range of vegetables to grow and there is advice for them all, so if you haven't grown some before, now is your chance for success and the opportunity to taste a new flavour.' - Terry Walton, BBC Radio 2

'Grow to Eat is an absolute credit to Rob, jam packed with golden garden nuggets of information for the reader. I grow food on a daily basis, but I have been inspired to get growing some unique and colourful varieties for taste and visual delight. This book is a must for the garden library.' - August Bernstein, Head Tutor at the Raymond Blanc Gardening School

Grow to Eat gives you the guidance to successfully grow veg that are bursting with flavour.

We know fresh vegetables are good for us and there's no better feeling than harvesting your own homegrown produce, but Rob Smith wants to upgrade your gardening experience. From stripey aubergines and super sweet beetroot to elephant garlic and purple tomatoes, growing your own food allows you to tap into a treasure trove of different vegetables that you won't find in the shops. And with colour and flavour (and pests and diseases) always in mind, Rob advises on how to grow, when to grow and which varieties to grow to best complement your gardening space.

Whether you have a balcony, allotment or garden, with Rob's gardening expertise and practical tips and techniques, you'll be growing an abundance of gourmet veg with ease.

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