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As chosen by fans of Claire Fuller, The Saturday Place by Alice Peterson is the Book Club book for We Read at the Winchester Books Festival. For more details, see www.winchesterbooksfestival.com                                                          
Holly’s husband died, and she’s lonely. She needs to do something to save herself, quickly. Next thing she knows she’s interviewing for a voluntary cooking job, surprised to be ambushed by a scruffy man who looks like he has a past.
Angus has messed up. He’s lost the respect of his family and has none for himself. If it weren’t for his brother and friend who run the café, he’d be sleeping on the streets.
Angus is about ready to give up – until he meets Holly, who sparks something in him. Then Lauren arrives from the homeless shelter. She came to London with nothing but an old train ticket, a teddy bear, and the clothes on her back.
With no family, no home, no friends, she doesn’t know what love is. People scare her. She’s terrified of Angus and Holly.
At first. Each of them finds themselves in the Saturday café at a time when they need something to grab hold of. It might have to be each other…
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    The Saturday place


    The Saturday place

    Three perfect strangers who help each other to believe in themselves again

    What they don’t know is that they are going to burst into each other’s world and turn each other’s lives upside down. What they don’t know is that strangers can become friends. And that love can happen in the most unexpected ways.

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