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  • Everything You Need to Know About Whisky (But Are Too Afraid to Ask)


    Everything You Need to Know About Whisky (But Are Too Afraid to Ask)

    Whisky expert Nick Morgan opens the lid on the whisky industry, revealing what makes one of the world’s simplest spirits just so popular. This book answers all of your burning questions; from what makes the perfect scotch and how to drink it like a pro to an exploration of distilleries around the world and their fascinating (often scandalous) histories.

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  • Wine Science


    Wine Science

    This in-depth reference details the processes, developments and factors affecting the science of winemaking. Jamie Goode, a highly regarded expert on the subject, skilfully opens up this complex subject and explains the background to the various processes involved and the range of issues surrounding their uses. He reports on the vital progress in winemaking research and explains the practical application of science with reference to the range of winemaking techniques used around the world, as well as viticultural practices, organics and ecology and lifestyle influences. This third edition includes new sections such as managing vineyard soils, vine disease and the vineyard of the future.

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