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In one of his epileptic fits, Kyle realizes that he has the abilityto travel to The Stillness, an eerie dimension populated by thosewho are between life and death. There he meets his real-worldcrush, Farah, who is in a coma back home.


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"Gripping and imaginative" - Lauren James, author of The Loneliest Girl in the Universe

"Mind-blowing!" - Brianna Bourne, author of You & Me at the End of the World

Where do you go when you're not quite gone?

After suffering an epileptic seizure, Kyle finds himself in a world that looks like ours but where nothing feels the same. This is the Stillness: an eerie, liminal alternative reality populated by those who are caught between life and death.

Here, he meets his real-world crush, Farah, who is also unconscious back home. But as they get to know each other in the Stillness, they must face the possibility of forgetting each other in the real world. The way back to life is fraught with danger, and time, for both of them, is running out...

  • A. Connors was inspired to write this novel based on his own experience with epilepsy
  • A slow-burn romance at the centre of the story that is perfect for anyone who loves BookTok tropes #forcedproximity and #friendstolovers
  • The Stillness is a wildly imaginative world that will appeal to fans of Erik J Brown, Patrick Ness and Netflix's Stranger Things


More praise for Find Me After:

"Wow! Find Me After is an absorbing and thought-provoking novel that explores some big themes... Connors' smart prose and tense plot make for a gripping and fast-paced read, but I also loved the tender love story at its core." - Jan Dunning, author of Mirror Me

"I loved this book. Imaginative and hauntingly real." - Emma Gray, @nverjudgeabook


Praise for The Girl Who Broke the Sea, A. Connors' debut novel:

"An atmospheric, satisfying YA sci-fi thriller" - Guardian

"An ominous, evocative science-fiction thriller" - New Scientist

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